Le Meridian, Split, beautiful sunset

Lily Split PromenadeNicky in Split promenadeNicky and lily trampolining  Lia Meridian, Split, beautiful sunset

We struggled to get accommodation on this Sunday evening but that was only because we found the promenade in Split and let Lily have a scoot, jump on the trampoline for 10 kunes and have a nice Croatian beer in the glorious sun!
However as this is definitely out of season and most hotels were closed and we did leave it late so we decided to try Lia Meridian to see if there were any ‘special’ rates. There were better rates but we did stump up at bit. Sib was not too pleased. I justified by the fact we stayed in a 40 euro baltic apartment the night before. Bargain but freezing. The rooms were 9 degrees. Lily was wrapped up in sleeping bags and 3 blankets (she was fine).
Anyhow, Le Meridian is lovely. We went for a swim in their spa and were having a lovely time until Lily pooed and it fell out of her all in one costume and onto the floor and into the pool! I was horrified and more horrified after cleaning her up!
I did do the right thing and let the staff know there was a poo in the pool (nic couldn’t face it).
Afterwards, as I exercised in the gym, I noticed (the gym over looked the pool) the cleaning lady mop up the mess on the side of the pool and then scoop out the poo in the pool with the net. Soooooo embarrassing!!

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9 Responses to Le Meridian, Split, beautiful sunset

  1. Chad Dixon says:

    That’s stunning. Perfect Sun position!

  2. Bec says:

    Lovely….Josh did the same…pooed in a pool, highly embarrassing, so I completely sympathize.!!
    Im sure little Lily thought nothing of it!!
    Sounds like you’re in a nice place though.
    Take good care of yourselves and little Lily.
    Love Bec xxx

  3. Ali Biggs says:

    Really great to hear you are on your way. Must read your previous posts now…

  4. Katrina says:

    I ‘m sure you weren’t enjoying squirming with embarassment at the time, but reading about the poo has just made me roar and roar with laughter, so thanks for that! It was lovely having you all here on Friday evening, just a shame you didn’t get a chance to see Trieste in the daylight. Hope the rest of the Balkans goes better now, we’ll keep checking on your progress via the blog so we can enjoy your adventure with you. Love to all four, Katrina

  5. Nettie says:

    Pooooooooohhhhhh Lily – Bless you.!!! Your Mum shd have put u in those little poo catching knicks!!! It won’t (might) happen again…. this is potty training like never before. You will be the most famous Mum Nicky for attempting that special bit of child development in your 4×4.

  6. Denise says:

    Haha, that is a story to treasure (or to mortify lily in 15yrs time)!

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