Dubrovnik Croatia to Niksic Montenegro

Old city Dubrovnik back drop

Old city Dubrovnik back drop

Old city harbour

Old city harbour

Drove from Split to Dubronik 220km.
This was a good day. The roads were fabulous along the coast and we are having pretty good runs now with Lily in the car.
Nic and I take it in turns, one drives the whole day and the other takes care of Lily. We make sure she has a run around daily and then read, do numbers, colouring, ABC and sing to her. This seems to work which is good.
We drove into Dubrovnik at 5pm and it was already dusk. Fortunately we didn’t get lost and we found Hotel Eran fairly quickly. It was an average apartment but after Nic’s tasty grilled chicken I slept wonderfully! The first night without any real disturbance from Lily. What a joy! Perhaps now my bags will reduce and iron out??!!

Dubrovnik to Niksic in Montenegro 150km
We woke to a fabulous morning sun in Dubrovnik with views over the bridge and harbour.
We left late, 11.45am, and in the process of leaving Dubrovnik Nic and I decided Lily needed her lunch so we decided to ‘quickly’ visit the old town. So, after finding parking we walked down 112 steps and into the town. It was amazing! A real treat. Sib wasn’t too pleased with this last minute plan change but it isn’t often you get to see a town as beautiful as this one. Lily scootered around like a mad thing and charmed the pants off everyone then we had lunch and then headed to the harbour where Lily scootered in some dog poo : ( (nic washed scooter in the harbour) and then headed back to the car this time up the 112 ‘killer’ steps.
We eventally left up the steep hill out of Dubrovnik and towards Montenegro and once crossing the border to Herceg Novi and then north to Niksic over an amazing pass and deep snow. It reminder me of Lesotho for a bit anyway. Lily slept for 2.5 hours and woke up just before our destination which was a result. Tip – definitely travel as fast as you can whilst baby is sleeping!!

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