Car springs disappointment

DSC_0590I prepared the Blue Prado 4×4 Land Cruiser just over two years ago and due to several personal set backs we had to delay the 4×4 Challenge Trip. I approached Footloose 4×4 to do all the preparation work and requested OME (Old Man Emu) springs and shocks, specifically requesting OME and the largest loading rear springs possible for the 90 series Toyota Land Cruiser. I have bought OME’s in the past and know of their quality and long guarantee.
Anyhow, after picking the car up I was told that a Dobson shock & springs system was applied to the 4×4 and was told that they were just as good.
What that did not say was that is was only guaranteed for 2 years and not 5 years like the OME’s that I requested. So when I called weeks before leaving saying that the back-end was hanging down without any load and wanted it replaced, Footloose 4×4 said it was a few weeks passed the Dobson guarantee and that they would have to talk to Dobson. I also explained that the car had never left the UK or seen any major overland action and that the fault was with the quality of the product.

Having spent a lot of money preparing two vehicles with Footloose 4×4, I have still heard nothing from them regarding this and we’ve subsequently left with my family on the long trip to Johannesburg with the back hanging further down!

A good way to lose a customer and I doubt I’ll ever hear anything regarding this matter from Footloose 4×4 and their Dobson suppliers again. Be aware!

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2 Responses to Car springs disappointment

  1. Billy says:

    How disappointing of Footloose what really gets me is you asked for a product and they convinced you to take Dobsons over OME if they had any go in them and if it was me I would fly into Istanbul with the OME and change it for the customer Shame on you Footloose disgrace

    • Yes was rubbish, but I only found about the Dobson springs/shocks when I picked up the vehicle from footloose and was going through the payment invoice. They said they were as good, but was never told that they only had a two year guarantee, unlike the OME’s which I know and have used with their standard five year guarantee. You right they should send me a couple of the new rear heavy load OME springs to make up for the service!

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