Lily charming the Turks

lunch timePeeping LilDSC_0551lily in old city DubdrovnicLily on the Istanbul Foreshore

Lily just seems to charm the Turkish people to bits what with her blue eyes, fair hair and curls.
She has had so many treats from passer bys ranging from Turkish delight, lollies, cakes, whistles, toy cars it isn’t funny! She has had people trying to pick her up, grab her, kiss her, play with her and thankfully most of the time she just shouts ‘No’ at them, which keeps them at bay. I like that, as I do not want her to be too friendly with everyone or in the least be on her guard. There was one funny looking chap who thought Lily was wonderful and it looked like he had just come out from the café toilet with what appeared to be pee on his shoe. All sorts of thoughts popped into my mind, one of them being, did he wash his hands, germs, bacteria and don’t touch my daughter!! He was trying to get Lily to come to over him but again thankfully she wasn’t sure and he left her alone. There was another chap who looked like he was recovering from a stint of herpes on his lip trying to grab her and kiss her!! He didn’t manage as I got in the way. Perhaps I am just being a paranoid mum…..

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