Mrs Admiral, we need to add your name to the face, look forward to your email and nice meeting you, hamba kahle Nic Andela


DSC_0556DSC_0542DSC_0533DSC_0515DSC_0473Main market, IstanbulSea and ships in the bay, view from terraceBlue Mosque from Hotel Albina Terrace

We have been in Istanbul for two days now and both Nic and I really like this place. We arrived on the 4th February and had a good feeling instantly when we searched for the hotel within the Old City.
However travelling from Alexandroupolis in Greece to the Turkish border proved harder than we thought and after one hour of being stuck paying for visas and green cards, spending 165 Euros, we were eventually let through. Somehow Sib, his charm and his South African passport meant he didn’t have to pay for a visa. Not sure how but he managed it saying he thought they didn’t know what a South African passport was!
Meanwhile I was trying to feed Lily rice and soup. She is a fiend for rice and didn’t eat anything else. She was really misbehaving after her lunch, shouting and throwing herself around. After dragging her…

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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