Akcakoca Black Sea to Golbasi South Ankara

Diapolis Hotel from light houseLily and nic light housePris and sib Diapolis HotelDiapolis HotelLord Robins yachtNicky and Lily at the light houseLeaving Istanbul after 4 nights was slightly sad as we had such a lovely time there. We waved Hotel Albinas off and drove towards the Black sea on the first real wet day since we started the trip. It basically did a UK and pi**ed it down all day! For some reason we decided not to book any accommodation and play it by ear but after only leaving Istanbul at noon in heavy traffic, managing to nav our way out and having to do 260kms, I knew we were pushing it to get there before dark and then find a place!
We eventually got to the Black sea but had another 40km to do until we hit a town that could accommodate us. The Black sea coast between Kocaeli and Akcakoca was not the prettiest and at dusk looked even worse what with unfinished houses being built littered everywhere. We got to Akcakoca and had to ask a guy who had lived in Brighton directions and we found a placed called Diapolis Hotel which was fine. It cost 160 turkish lira and with that we got dinner included. Once we had unpacked we had this huge buffet with so many choices we all stuffed our faces (my brother Robin Turner would have had a feast!) and felt sick after eating too many Baclava’a and profiteroles. We all swore to dieting after this.
We stayed in Akcakoca for 2 nights and then left for a non descript place called Golbasi 20km South of Ankara. The drive prior this was spectacular with views of plains, gorges, snow and a huge pass to 1500m. Sib’s car really drags on the hills and it is really hard to stay together.
We arrived at the Ulasan hotel on the D750 and checked in. All the rooms were smoking rooms which I really did not like and after sniffing about 10 other rooms I found one that was ok, although I thought they had just sprayed it with an air freshener! Never mind. It was clean and did the job.

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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