Car problems in Sereflicochisar, next to lake Tuz Golu

So we stopped at a filling station and I noticed an odd grinding sound on the left rear wheel when Nicky made a left full lock turn. Fearful it was a bearing we stopped at the next road side truck stop and after difficult translations we where told to drive 7kms back from where we came and look for what I could make out, a garage. It was that or 80kms to the next big town. After repeated failed attempts to gage what I should be looking for they said a mechanic would drive over.

We followed him 3kms up the road to find a conglomerate of backstreet mechanic service centres. After an hour of looking, jacking and testing it looked as if the rear differential had problems and that we may have to wait 24-48 hours for a part from Ankara, but they would first need to strip the hubs, drive shaft and differential to find the problem.

One of the garage workers had a cousin that worked at a hotel in town and that they could accommodate for a night or two.
We returned a few hours later to see what the problem was, it looked as they had not ordered the part as the problem was not visible.

Anyway, we returned the next morning where all the parts were put back and I tested it in 2D, 4LD and 4HD and it sounded fine and functioned perfectly.
We tried to ascertain what the problem was, but it seems that they checked all the parts, regreased all the internal parts and no real problem was discovered.
And 500TL’s later, I’m still not sure what actually caused the problem, but Bontus is going wellLily at garagePeople under the car??

Anyway the journey continues…

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4 Responses to Car problems in Sereflicochisar, next to lake Tuz Golu

  1. Berry van Welzen says:

    Hello Travelers,
    How is the Landcruiser doing? Next year me and my wife will drive our diesel Landcruiser 90 from the Netherlands to Capetown. I was wondering about the car performans.
    With regards,

    • Going really well, slightly under powered with real steep terrain, but we are too heavy, so keep her light. Low range is really good, esp. that we using M/T’s, traction excellent. But great car, only problem we had was when my wife reversed into a massive tree three days ago, we trying to repair the little bit of damage in Malawi. It’s a great vehicle. Nic

  2. Gordon says:

    I’m sure the tree moved!! Great stories and pics; and doing a Great job around all that ‘red tape’… What an adventure! keep the wheels turning…Best Wishes from all at Albany..

    • Thanks Gordon, hope you and the whole family are well, it’s been a great trip and the wheels are finally taking a break, but learn a load on terrain driving on route esp. mud, river crossing etc!
      Maybe you should get Mike and the family’s together and drive south in the years to come?
      Have a good weekend.

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