Taka House Uchisar Cappadocia

Nicky and the national parkPris and NickyDaddy and Lily3960m mountainDSC_0669DSC_0685DSC_0681DSC_0699DSC_0689goreme national park cappadociaMount Erclyes, 200mm lenseHotel TakaDSC_0675WP_000463WP_000459WP_000456WP_000460WP_000467WP_000466Pris and SibJourneys tough on the older folkErclyes Mountain, 3960mballoons over the valleyHot air balloons over the National ParkView from Taka HotelNicky cave hotel roomHotel caveEntrance down to Taka CAVETakaev, Trip adviser awardsPris on Takaev TerraceTakaev HotelTakaev Hotel, UchisarArriving in Cappadocia was amazing and one of the most amazing sights we have seen ever.
After our car problems at Sereflikochisar and staying one night in the Yildirim Hotel we set off for Cappadocia. The drive was only 150km and again it took us through some stunning scenery. We never realized how lovely Turkey was what with the scenery and ancient history.
As we were driving south on the E80 to Askaray the temperature plummeted to 3 degrees and we found ourselves traveling through snow again! Nic and I were giggling thinking how will Sib continue to cope with the cold as he has been really pining for warmth and Africa. He had already spent 2 months enduring the awful UK weather before setting off and now another cold month in Europe before getting the ferry to Israel! Oh dear. I on the other hand do not mind so much, obviously more immune to the cold and wet. I see where Nic gets his moans from!!
We were greeted by Murat the owner of Takaev Hotel or Taka House who was everso nice and he showed to our caves. We were living under ground on the edge of the Goreme National Park. The rooms were stunning along with the most amazing panoramic views of the Park from the terrasse. This by far has been the most enjoyable part of our trip. The weather has been blue skies and sun and we have all relaxed. Lily has been running around cave from one room to the other hiding in cupboards, showers and pulling all the toilet roll off the holder! I think she has enjoyed the stay so far.
Murat has sat with us and told us the history of the area, drawing daily route plans and has also offered his washing machine, dryer, kitchen, tea, coffee and water on the house, let us wash the smelly camping mattress for the tent on his terrasse.
After drinking too much sweet turkish tea we went to bed and slept very comfortably.
We woke the next morning again to perfect skies and a sunrise with over 50 hot air balloons one the national park. It was spectacular, a sight we will never forget! Lily counted 5 balloons, bless. She loved it. We all did.

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5 Responses to Taka House Uchisar Cappadocia

  1. Chad Dixon says:

    That landscape with the balloons could be somewhere in the western USA.

  2. Chad Dixon says:

    The scenery in Turkey is trully stunning! I’m really loving your blogging. Can’t wait for the next one!

  3. Brilliant, loving following your journey. The photos really bring it to life. Also lots of visits to Google Earth have helped. Take care xxx

  4. Lizanne Joubert says:

    This looks amazing! The scenery is stunning and I like the pics of all the tired travellers having naps!

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