Turkey to Israel via Egypt by ship

After spending 3 nights on the ship (with a unclean cabin) from Iskenderun Turkey to Haifa Israel (via Port Said in Egypt) we eventually arrived in Israel! This route (to Haifa) apparently has only been in operation for 1 month and has been opened to transport cargo to the surrounding countries since the war in Syria. The ship from Iskenderun was full of trucks (110) and passengers/refuges fleeing from Syria. It was a sad sight seeing these poor people and small children with just their clothes on the back and a few possessions, some of whom had lost everything, home and loved ones.
We met Dr Mohammed who was helping these poor people flee and providing medical care and aid for them to start a new life in Egypt. He was certainly a good man. He also had lost his home but managed to get his family out in time and to safety.
After arriving in Israel at 1am this morning and getting up at 2am for passport control and then eventually getting off the ship at 7am we were subjected to immigration, customs and vehicle registration. Unfortunately our cars have not passed customs due to both cars being in Nic’s name, and after spending the whole today at the port we finally had to accept we were not going to get out and had to stay in Haifa for the night either camping at the port itself or a hotel. It was a glorious 30 degrees so we could have popped the roof tent up and Sib and Priscilla’s Oz tent but we were all stinking and thought a wash and a hotel was a better idea.
The vehicle registration man, Moses, saved us and offered us help, 3 expresso’s and drove us to a hotel in Haifa which we were certainly grateful for!
Our new traveling friends, Nel and Wouter (Lily calls Wouter, Waiter) we had met in Turkey and were on the same ship managed to get through the gate with their car and 2 bikes around 4pm and drove to their new abode in Jerusalem. Hopefully we will meet them tomorrow for a G&T!!
Lily, bless her did so well. Whilst Nic, Sib and Wouter were tied up in this mess, Nel, Priscilla and I tried to keep Lily occupied with Nel driving Lily in circles in her car, watching the massive containers being placed on lorries, drawing balloons and singing songs. By the end of the day she was tired and mucky but after a wash and clean PJ’s she is now sound asleep….

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6 Responses to Turkey to Israel via Egypt by ship

  1. Eef says:

    Hi Guys,

    See you’re doing well!
    We only got our car back today (after 7days)!
    Because of protests here in Port Said, the costums was closed… bad timing to come to here.
    But tomorrow we are back on our way.
    Hopefully see you in Sudan!

    Eef, Dries and Mr. Carrot

  2. Hi Eef, Dries and Mr Carrot
    Good to hear from you! That sounds like a real nightmare! Did you catch the ferry last Tue or Wed? Ours set sail to Port Said on Sunday morning at 5am! We have only just got the cars out today Wed at 4pm so I guess 2 days in Haifa isn’t bad. We are aiming for Jerusalem tomorrow. I hope we see you in Sudan!!
    Nicky, Nic and Lily

    • Also could you let us know what you needed to do with the car i.e. insurance fee etc. Could you give us any advice?
      When do you plan to be in Aswan?
      Are you keen to join up with some 4×4 ing south of Ethiopia/North Kenya?

  3. Oh dear, your boat trip sounded very, very sad. Those poor people who have no homes and have lost loved ones. We try not to take our lives for granted, but unfortunately that is not always so. Hope you enjoyed your G & Ts. Take care. Love from us all xxx

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