Bye bye Orchid Reef Hotel Eilat

Lily at the pool, at Coral Reef Hotel

Lily at the pool, at Coral Reef Hotel

Coral Reef Eilat, Coral Beach

Coral Reef Eilat, Coral Beach

Nice pools at the Coral Reef Hotel.

Nice pools at the Coral Reef Hotel.

We where waiting for our DHL carnets for Egypt to arrive from the UK last week and we booked ourselves into the Orchid Reef Hotel last Wednesday [6th March 2013] on Coral Beach after spending the whole day driving up to Tel Aviv to sort out a Trip Ticket which amounted to nothing. So final and most expensive option – new carnets, the RAC sent the package on Wednesday afternoon and we new that it should turn up on Thursday night or Friday during the day.
We paid £55 for the delivery and because of the expense of the hotel over the last few days we could no longer stay and decided to camp.
We repeatedly asked the day hotel manager to call us as soon as the package arrived. He agreed.

We decided to camp nearby at the Eilat School Fields in Coral Beach and waited and waited and waited. Eventually on Monday we decided to walk into the Reef Hotel at around 11am to find the carnets sitting there from Friday afternoon. After checking my phone and computer, I had received no missed calls or emails on Friday nor the rest of the weekend. So we were left sitting in limbo for two days by the hotel staff.
We had a meeting with the senior manager Hava at the Orchid who was good and were informed by one of the junior girls that they had made the day manager on Friday aware of the DHL arrival. Really poor form from a leisure service point of view from the Reef Hotel in Eilat [].
DHL had also not updated their system and the last SMS alert we received was that the package was on hold. DHL decided to update their system on Monday morning again, not great for a £55 delivery!! Not great feedback service either!

But the end result was, we can drive ON.

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