AL Rashid Hotel, Petra, Quality

Hotel Al Rashid, Wadi Musa, 9.0

Hotel Al Rashid, Wadi Musa, 9.0

Hotel Al Rashid

Hotel Al Rashid

Reception area

Reception area

Al Rashid Restaurant area

Al Rashid Restaurant area

We spent a few days with Laith’s and his brothers at Al Rashid Hotel. They run a great outfit that rates 9.0+ on and it’s a great experience consisting of some really great accommodation, clean, great showers, sat TV, good wifi and very very friendly with lovely breakfasts and dinners at your request.
The Hotel is based in Wadi Musa, which is just up the hill from the gates of Petra, probably about 1 kilometer which make the price and distance away very well worth this location. At approx. 35Euro per double room, it’s good, but granted it is during low season.

I would recommend Al Rashid to anyone that’s looking at their wallet and wants a great experience in the old city of Petra. The market is Wadi Musa market is also nearby and local restaurants and shops are a stone throw away.

Please try it, you won’t be sorry!

Nic A

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Treasury info

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6 Responses to AL Rashid Hotel, Petra, Quality

  1. Julie says:

    Hi! I’ve been following your blog. We’re South Africans also heading down South via the East Coast and we’re due to leave in 2 days. We have visas and carnet for Egypt. We wanted to check from you what the latest is and whether you are now heading into Egypt after all your hassles (sorry to hear about those by the way!) Good luck!


    • Hi Julie, nice to meet you, we just about to add a piece on entering Egypt, probably a real good suggestion for you guys as we have had a few problems but persisted and found some real treasures regarding our routes.
      If you have any questions, ask away!
      Nic, Nicky, baby lily

      • Julie says:

        Glad to hear you have made it! I look forward to reading your post and to hearing how the rest of your journey progresses.

  2. Gary Breen says:

    Hi Nicky – we’re the family you met in the Al Rashid hotel. So glad to see you made it into Egypt. We are home in Canada in the snow. Look forward to the rest of your travels.


    • Thanks Gary

      Yes thanks, past all three ports now and just left the last one on Lake Nasser in Wadi Haifa north Sudan were it was 47 degree C and no snow in sight. Cannot wait to get further south!! How are all of you? When do we see you in Africa? Bye Nic A

  3. Dear Dr Nic ;

    Warmest Greetings from Al Rahsid Hotel ,,,,

    It is with our great pleasure to list our hotel on your website , Our meeting with you at Our Hotel at Al Rashid Hotel , was very exciting to meet you and your family , we welcome you back to Al Rahsid Hotel for youe next visit to Jordan again !

    Thanks for the compliments and the kind comments posted over your website , it was a kindness of you !

    Best Regards ;
    Laith Tarabulsi
    Al Rashid Hotel
    Petra – Jordan

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