Dahab – Southern Sinai Egypt


Cars queuing up  for diesel

Cars queuing up for diesel

Sinai desert

Sinai desert

We drove from Nuweiba to Dahab 90km south through blistering heat, rocky mountains and desert. Before we left we tried to fill up with diesel but there is shortage in Egypt and particularly the Sinai. There wasn’t any diesel in Nuweiba so we continued onwards and then there wasn’t any in Dahab! Christ it was not looking good. Nic had managed to fill his 80L tank and 3 gerry cans (20L each) in Jordan but unfortunately Sib didn’t and only crossed the Gulf of Aqaba with half a tank!

Carel at Expat Explore http://www.expatexplore.com/ recommended the Dyarna Hotel http://www.dyarnahotel.com/
They send all their clients here to take part in various Sinai activities like scuba, beach camping, kite surfing etc. It was a really rustic place, with a cool pool and instant access to the board walk that runs from one side of Dahab to the other. Breakfasts are good, bathrooms mmmhh not so good, tiled floors always seeming wet, probably the short shower curtain and flat floors.

We met a lovely Russian couple Philip, Helena and their 4 year old called Sonya who regularly visit Dahab, think it was there second or third time to escape the winters of Moscow. It’s now -15 degrees in Russia so they are enjoying the 30 degree variation. They were there last October and also noted how few tourists there were around. The political situation and unrest is not helping the tourist industry at the moment which I have to say is very sad for the local people.

Lily and Sonya loved running and chasing each other and making pancakes from beach sand, was lovely watching them. We hope to see you guys in Moscow one day!

We left Dahab after avery nice 2 days and searched for diesel again. Sib managed to arrange diesel whilst we were at the Dyarna hotel for 6EP per litre (is is usually 1.10EP). Fortunate for us Dahab had just had a supply of diesel and we managed to fill the car and 2 more gerry cans before all the cars in the area got wind of it. We were advised against the St Catherine’s Monastry route so we headed south again towards Sharm el Sheikl taking the longer coastal route round to Ras Sudr, the Suez and Cairo.

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