Top Tip Guide for the best Eastern Overland 4×4 driving route between Europe and East Africa. Overland bread trails

Crossing into Egypt from the middle east, Jordan. Amazing.

Crossing into Egypt from the middle east, Jordan. Amazing.

So we in Cairo and found a great route for our needs and hopefully other ≠4×4 ≠OVERLANDERS following us on ≠ – NEWS – ≠familyinafrica.

Things to know, to do and have on you:
NB – Get a Green card for Europe and Israel and the relevant Carnet before leaving.
NB – Check your ≠chassis number correlates with your car and registration document!
NB – Make sure you have a valid international driving license, that will not expire while on route.
NB – Keep all ≠two way radio devices, ≠binoculars, ≠GPS devices out of sight and never say you have ≠night vision equipment, that raises all sorts of alarms. GPS devices are banned in Jordan, Egypt, do make a plan!! Keep digital copies on your hard drive, it has useful space advantages.
Have a look and download Mapstudio South Africa’s Road ≠Digital ≠Maps before you leave, it contains digital maps called ≠eMaps2day of the whole Africa Continent as well as nearby ≠Islands, which are priceless from LIFE2DAY’s AFRICA SHOP []. There are also a heap of useful Globe Trotter, Pocket Maps and 4×4 Maps spanning the whole African Continent.
NB – Pay around $37 and download them to your personal computer = the entire Mapstudio Africa Road Atlas or you can buy them individually.
The Entire Atlas =

The tricky bit is the Middle East, but it seems that a relative easy route has emerged to cut out Syria, which is Turkey (Iskenderun) to Israel (Haifa) by [≠”Remo Travel ferry”] at $920 / vehicle and then onwards to the Eilat – (≠Aqaba) Jordan crossing. They are based in Iskenderun opposite the Ministry of Tourism, one road back from the foreshore. Lots of parking on the foreshore, 1TL per hour.
Pay the Remo agent fee, which makes it so easy i.e. their agent does all the leg work around the passports and entering the ferry. It’s worth the additional $40. Just do it.

Entering Israel, Haifa:
Port taxes 224GP sterling port takes for the 4×4, NB – Make sure the Turkish ferry company i.e. Remo provide you with a bill of lading for your car when you reach the port. Remember your car is cargo.
Motor insurance approx. = 150Euro, 100Euro Shipping agents fee and 250Euro Customs. these guys are so precise about paper work it’s not even funny, so make sure you have all the appropriate documents in order!

Leaving Israel, Eilat – Aqaba border:
105 Shekles per person

Entering Jordan ≠Aqaba”
No Motor Bikes allowed!!
35JD’s per car license, and another 40-50JD’s in customs and other simple visa charges. It cost us around 160JD’s for two 4×4’s.
South African Visa’s are for Free!
Your in, well done.
Then you have access to Jordan – ≠Petra, ≠Wadi Rum etc. And then the best kept secret, a fast ferry from Aqaba to (≠Nuweiba) Egypt which accepts ≠4×4’s. Note ≠Taba crossing into Egypt rejects 4X4’s on admission, which happened to us and make sure you have your Carnet and Visa (from ≠Eilat consulate) before you reach the border crossing.

Leaving Jordan, Aqaba:
205Euro’s for customs and taxes (10JD’s/person departure tax and 25JD/car departure taxes)
235US/4×4 vehicle on the fast ferry Aqaba to ≠Nuweiba
75US/person on the fast ferry Aqaba to Nuweiba. the company is called AB Maritime and you’ll need to book with one of their agents in Aqaba. The slow boat is cheaper than the fast ferry, but for an extra $10 is worth taking the fast ferry so you get into Nuweiba in the evening. There are some good reason arriving in the evening, one is the security checks are easier than during the light of day!

Entering Egypt:
Make sure that you have around 1500 Egypt pounds with you before arriving in Nuweiba for the necessary port charges, files, customs, motor license, insurance, vehicle plates.
It only takes around an hour and a half to cross and if driving drive through the group of guys wanting to show you the way and make your way straight for immigration (it’s a area with many out door wooden shops and green corrugated roof structure). You’ll see a row of impounded Syrian cars parked. Park there and find your self a ≠tourist police officer with a dark blue jumper and a few golden pips on their shoulder.
These guys know the ropes and are helpful and will take you through the process, step by step amongst the chaos. they know the system and how the game is played.

The break down is such around [260 Egypt Pounds (EP) – motor insurance, probably better to buy it locally, 50EP filing, 300-400EP Customs, 100-200EP car license, another 100EP vehicle plates and around 300-400EP for back handers].
Well done, your in!
Also if traveling with two vehicles, esp. if both are registered in one persons name, make sure you have a letter from your Motor club saying that a member of the traveling group is able to drive which ever appropriate car!

We’ll continue to add the next batch of charges when we get to Aswan, the Egypt – Wadi Haifa, Sudan border crossing.


Standing in front of Nuweiba Customs

Standing in front of Nuweiba Customs

Nuweiba car processing pound

Nuweiba car processing pound

Walking to the port

Walking to the port

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3 Responses to Top Tip Guide for the best Eastern Overland 4×4 driving route between Europe and East Africa. Overland bread trails

  1. Chad Dixon says:

    Ahh… The classic Pyramid shot. You can’t beat it for a backdrop! Looking forwards to more desert views!

  2. It’s really overwhelming being in the foreground of these iconic structures and the best is that the Sphinx is in the same park as the three pyramids of Giza…

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