Windsor Hotel, Cairo

Windsor's Old telephone exchange

Windsor’s Old telephone exchange

Windsor's old lift, classic

Windsor’s old lift, classic

Windsor Officers Bar Area

Windsor Officers Bar Area

Windsor Hotel, Cairo

Windsor Hotel, Cairo

Best Bar Man ever, Marco - Hotel Windsor

Best Bar Man ever, Marco – Hotel Windsor

bye bye Marco

bye bye Marco

We are now in lovely Cairo. A filthy, bustling place full of battered cars racing around to find the smallest gap to squeeze into. It is chaos here almost as bad as India when I was there in the 90’s.
We arrived at the Windsor hotel after I gave up on the navving and we hailed a taxi driver to follow to get us to our destination. It was hard following him as all the cabs look the same and we promptly lost Sib and Pris. We waited for them to catch up and thank goodness for the walkie talkies!
The Windsor Hotel is nestled in a very lively area opposite coffee houses with men smoking massive bongs, lots of noise and boys on bicycles delivering huge trays of bread on their heads whilst cycling!??
The hotel is full of character. It used to be a British officers club back in its day and even the famous Monty Python #Michael #Palin stayed here when he filmed ‘Around the world in 80 days’!
Lily loved riding in the old lift, racing around with her shoes off and getting the blackest of feet (the place needs dusting to say the least), charming the reception and being as usual a nuisance to her parents. I now understand what my parents had to put up with!
However the reason for being in Cairo was for Nic and Sib to reminisce (they were there 5 years earlier), stay at the Windsor Hotel (more reminiscing for Nic and Sib) and get new visas for Sudan and Ethiopia. Our delays crossing into Egypt have really slowed us down and cost us dearly.

We ventured out the following day to the Sudan Embassy in Garden City (south of Tahrir Square) on foot with Lily in her push chair. It is about 2 km from where we are staying and took us through Tahrir Square. Tahrir Square was very subdued after an active night of rioting, water cannons and burnt out cars. It felt eerie. Our road to the embassy was blocked off with massive walls of concrete almost 4 metres high on many streets to protect the government buildings and embassies so we had to walk around and find another route only to lose our bearings and get lost. We eventually found the embassy through grid locked cars trying to get around the blockades and police everywhere to find the embassy had moved premises! It had moved west of the Nile to a place called Dokki !!! Frustrated, hot and sweaty we jumped in a cab for a rip off 40EP and after the cabbie asking about 20 people where the new Sudan Embassy was we eventually arrived there exhausted.

We managed to extend our visas for Sudan until the 31st March but sadly Priscilla was not allowed into Sudan due to having an American passport! The only way in was by invitation. Nic has a few good contacts in Aswan and Wadi Haifa and it looks like we have found a solution for Pris. So we will head for Aswan tomorrow and aim to catch the Aswan ferry on the 1st April. Lets hope we can extend our visas for 2 more days in Aswan for no extra fee to get us in to Sudan otherwise we are paying another 100USD per person for a brand new visa!

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6 Responses to Windsor Hotel, Cairo

  1. Oh dear, I have just liked this page, but it does sound very harrowing. You are all very brave to be doing this, just stay safe.

  2. dhurka says:

    Nice old lift. Tell Lily she should start trying to slide down the banisters. Now that is fun. And you keep your feet clean

  3. dhurka says:

    So Tahrir Square is still the place to be for a spot of stone throwing and car burning? I always suspected that democracy and elections where boring rubbish. It’s clearly more fun and definitely more conclusive if you rather count which group managed to burn more cars in a night rather than the worn out old ballot system

  4. Shara says:

    Hi Nic & Nicky – great to hear you’re in Egypt! We’ve been told recently that the RAC will not issue carnets for Egypt due to them not accepting 4x4s into the country. We’re hoping to catch the ferry from Turkey straight to Egypt (I’ve done Israel and Jordan in the past) at the end of May. Have you got any information on this carnet or getting 4x4s in? Would we be able to get the 4×4 in without a carnet?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as we leave in a month!! Go well and keep safe! Shara

    • Hi Shara
      Yes it seems we must have been the first to report this, we were told to leave Taba border (Eilat to Egypt border) because of this and without the RAC’s knowledge of this. BUT, it is possible to get to Egypt via Jordon with 4×4’s. The Egypt consulate of Eilat also said that no 4×4’s may pass and we would have to ask for special permission, to date still heard nothing. But not all bad news!
      Check out our blogs and they will show you and your travellers the way! We never give up and continue forwards. Let us know if you need any more advice, thanks Nic and Nicky

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