Great Sphinx of Giza

For those who drive or are driven, there’s a clock wise drive from the Pyramids of Giza which goes past the pyramids and down the hill past the Sphinx, so all these wonderful sites are in the same park.

Make sure you go in at the Giza entrance and not the sphinx, because of the one way system.

Also, don’t let anyone at the bottom of the hill tell you that you cannot drive into the park, because you can and it costs EP60/person. Lily dear helped us a brief security check, thank you my little darling for taking care of the security police.
The guys at the bottom want you to take horses and other forms of transport.

Always ask the tourist police when in doubt!DSC_0708

The glorious Sphinx

The glorious Sphinx

Lateral view, from the side

Lateral view, from the side

Sib and the Sphinx

Sib and the Sphinx


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  1. martinmcgowan says:

    Great site!

    It would be great to feature your trip to OverlandSphere, if you have not been to Overland Sphere please check it out out we have over 90 overlanders contributing to the site!

    Safe Travels

    Martin & Nicole

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