Route – Africa


13th March – Nuweiba 10pm via fast ferry from Aqaba Jordan

15th March – route 15 East Sinai desert to Dahab.

17th March – Dahab to Sharm el Sheikl but bypassed the town and headed to the west side of the Sinai to Ras Sudr.

18th March – Ras Sudr to Suez to Cairo


21st March Cairo to Beni Suef west of the nile

22nd March Beni Suef to Beni Mazar crossing the nile from east to west – good road and crossed on a car ferry to Beni Mazar on west side  EP30 per vehicle

Headed south on the west of the nile (not so good road – bumps) to El Minya. Crossed over the nile to the east side and camped off road 40km south of El Minya.

23rd March El Minya to Luxor

23rd-26th March – Luxor

26th March – Luxor to Aswan east side of the Nile. Good route. A bit slow but pretty scenery. Very green.

26th March – 1st April – Aswan

1st April – Monday Aswan to Wadi Halfa via Lake Nasser. Ferry changes day from next week to Sunday 7th April from Aswan and Tuesday 9th April from Wadi Halfa

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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5 Responses to Route – Africa

  1. Jackie Martin says:

    Hello Nic,
    Been great following some of your adventures. Lovely memories for me. Just to let you know Grant and Angie are back in the UK 🙂 I am very delighted.
    Travel safely

    • That’s great News Jackie!! I’m sure you are all a lot happier now! Still a long way south, and with temperatures of 45, we praying for rain and milder temperatures further south.
      You guys keep well,
      Nic, Nicky, lily

  2. About to drive from Wales to Nanyuki, Kenya in a Defender. Curious about your mention of carnets as we have been told they are not necessary??? Also any particular reason you didn’t take the shorter route to Egypt via Italy and Libya? Lots of great information. Thank you for keeping up your journal! Peter

    • HI Peter,
      You’ll NEED one, they check at every border post for one, so you’ll need one. Also see if you can get one through Germany? I hear they could be cheaper! Thanks Nic

    • Hi there Peter,
      There are shorter solutions, but we had a baby and we not sure how safe Libya is? But yes, a boat to Egypt or Lib would be shorter…

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