Places to visit in Ethiopia and Golden contacts you should have

The Golden Contacts in Ethiopia:
• We recommend this Ethiopian Agent:
• Mr Kedir Seid
• Kedir Seid is very well spoken and operates across the country. His able to show you tribal cultures, the big5 in Omrate game reserves and much more.

Places to visit and places to stay, eat:

Gondor (Town)
• Belegeze Pension, camp in your car
• Four Sisters Restaurant = 200m from the Fasil Castle exit, tel +251 581 122 031
• Hotel Gondar – hamburger Restaurant, Bar and Night club, it’s next to Hotel Taitu

Gorgora (Camping)
• Lake Tana (Origin of the Blue Nile) – Tim and Kim Village Campsite (GPS N12.13.740 – E037.17.930),, tel +251 (0) 9 20 33 66 71 or +251 (0) 9 18 30 04 25

SEE link for ALL the Info:

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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2 Responses to Places to visit in Ethiopia and Golden contacts you should have

  1. Shara says:

    Hi Nic, Nicky & Lily
    Loving your blog and such useful info!! I am about to leave from London to Cape Town through Europe and down the East – very similar to you except I will be taking the ferry from Turkey. I am on my own in my 4×4 and I’m a female – just wondering in your experience, how safe do you feel it would be doing this trip on my own and if not, what has been the most “unsafe parts”? Nothing like on the ground experience and as you guys are just a month or two ahead, you’re my best bet to figure out whether this is feasible or not. I am a South African and am well traveled, have done Southern Africa and a bit of East Africa before (but with others) and have traveled solo in other countries (South East Asia, Aus, NZ etc). Just wondering about the North of Africa in particular? Any advise and your opinion would be welcomed! Thanks and keep safe.

    • Hi Shara

      You’ll be fine, even in the north african countries as a car and it’s bubble is so much better than say a female traveling on a bike. At least you can ride with the windows up and don’t have to take any abuse, just make sure you have a reliable car!!! Please look at the contacts listed on the 4×4 section of exploreafrica2day, they’ll be very helpful when you travel through Turkey, Egypt, Sudan etc. There are also some great digital maps. Most unsafe, well there has not been any unsafe areas really, there was a diesel shortage in Egypt, getting diesel at times was a little intimidating with masses trying to get at the same time! Let us know if you have any other questions? bye Nic

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