Places to visit in Sudan and Golden contacts you should have

We recommend these Sudanese agents:
o Mr Waleed Arafat
o Mr Magdi Boshara.

They deliver a great service around arranging all the paperwork, purchasing ferry tickets, carnets, customs documents etc. you need to get vehicles into and out of Sudan.

Archeological Sites and GPS waypoints:

Wadi Haifa (the new road through the desert): N23 47 393 E031 22 166
Amara West Temple N20 48 599 E030 29 465
Abri N20 48 268 E030 20 865
Sal Island N20 48 057 E030 19 915
Small Temple Sedeinga Pyramid N20 33 110 E030 17 364
Soleb Temple N20 33 110 E030 17 364
Wawa, ferry service to Temple across Nile river N20 26 882 E030 20 582
Sesebbi Temple N20 06 614 E030 22 519
Deigo Ferry N20 07 280 E030 35 575
more on the link below

See this link for ALL the INFO on:

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