Ethiopian National Park Hustlers, so Beware

We made our way up north to the Simien mountains to a town called Debark, looking for Sib and Pris who were two days ahead of us after they left Gondor.
We arrived at the Simien National Park where we went looking for them and were told by the National Park Wardens that they were in the guest book and camping in the reserve.
We decided to pay the charges and noticed the “No refunds policy after payment board”. As we were about to pay I noticed another charge for a “Park Scout” and promptly told we would also have to make room for the fellow in the car.
I said, “He’s not coming in the car as there was no room and would be most welcome to make his way up on a donkey, bike or what ever he could get to get him up there”.

Alas they said NO, so we left the office and sat down to try work out how we would get a message to them in the Park. We walked in there about 20 minutes later where a new official maned the counter and interesting enough told us that Sib and Pris refused a scout on the premises that they where travelling in a two seater vehicle and left!

So they lied for our additional entrance tickets to get us into the park under false pretences.

Interestingly enough, when we were Axum, we met up with some traveling couples who opted for the Scouts and were all involved in theft cases in the National Simien Mountain Camp Site. Dries and Eeff from Belgium lost a digital camera, phone and charger, Michael and girlfriend from New York lost $150 dollars and a french traveller had seen that his luggage had been tampered with. This in spite of their secure Parks Scouts. We think there’s a bit of a racket going on in the park.

So travellers who go to the camp sites, beware and lock your stuff away and don’t trust anyone!!!!

Simian Mountains

Simian Mountains

Roads in the Simien  mountains

Roads in the Simien mountains

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One Response to Ethiopian National Park Hustlers, so Beware

  1. Chad Dixon says:

    Amazing scenery in the Simian Mountains. So many switchbacks, I’m sure those road edges were scary!

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