Addis Ababa heaven

Bye bye Axum

Bye bye Axum

Arriving annes house Addis

Arriving annes house Addis

We were so tired when we finally reached Addis Ababa on the 20th April. The journey from Axum had been 1000km of really bad roads, high mountain passes, dangerous hairpin bends and people and animals all over the road and we were practically stuck in the car all day. We saw several roads accidents and buses and lorries turned over and down ravines aswell as having a few near misses with on coming cars.
We drove from Axum to Merkele along a windy tar road and bush camped in a lovely spot looking over the town. The next day, we decided to miss out Lalibela and just get to Addis Ababa. Again we had a very long day driving south and after my fit at Nic for sitting too long again and Lily going mad in the backseat (she wasn’t really, it was more the fact that mum was feeling guilty that Lily hadn’t moved much for two days)
We still hadn’t found Sib and Pris for now a week but by chance we bumped into them in the Sunnyside Hotel in a town called Kombolcha.
We thought it would be easier to camp in the hotel car park than wait until dusk to bush camp without being seen by the locals! So as we pulled in we glimpsed white hair fiddling in the back of a silver land cruiser and thought how funny to bump into them now.
The hotel was really very nice and a relief as we sat down and let Lily run whilst we had a St George beer and of course we didn’t camp. After stuffing our faces with burgers, rice and kebabs we all slept nicely.
That morning we contacted Ann Nolan a lady we met briefly at the Movenpick in Aswan Egypt. She had said to us to stay with her when we arrived in Addis Ababa and as we were now so close we decided to call her and if it was still ok could we stay with her as four adults and one child. She told us she was having a party and we were welcome which I have to say was lovely and a real treat!
We arrived in the dark to a very large colonial looking house which was gated and were greeted by Ann and pretty much with a beer.
Lily was tired but she soon rallied and ran around the house like a maniac especially when she found the toy room! There were a least 10 other children there all playing which was nice for Lily.
We stayed with Ann for four nights and rested no end. The first 24 hours I felt stressed, fed up and thought I just want to get to South Africa. I felt like I had no more energy to continue the trip. Sib was also shattered. We were all very tired and Ann’s place really relaxed all of us, especially with hot baths, lovely food and wine! We had a great stay.
Her children Hannah and Addis were wonderful and like wise Meme, Solomon and Kume who all were so kind to us. We said our goodbyes and followed Kume out of Addis onto a road towards Butajira and then onto Hossain.
For the next week or so Lily missed Ann and kept repeating ‘I want to go back to Ann’s house’. Bless.
Thanks Ann.

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2 Responses to Addis Ababa heaven

  1. Pepe Yanes says:

    Hi there,
    Congratulations for your amazing travel.
    Question: Do they stamp the Carnet de Passage in Omorate?
    Good luck!
    Pepe Yanes

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