Jungle Junction Campsite in Nairobi

Jungle Junction Camping site in Nairobi, the first city south of Lake Turkana, Kenya:

As we drove into Nairobi and the campsite I thought that we would only camp there for two days max. We ended up staying a week and had to force ourselves to leave! Jungle Junction is located at these GPS waypoints: S 08 08 817, E 035 24 733

Jungle Junction can be described as a congregation of multinational travelers of all walks of life who either cycled, walked, motor biked or drove in with their Overland vehicles. There’s a large travel pool of information waiting to be tapped, as there are people who have come from or are on their way to your travel destinations. We found this really helpful as fellow travelers can point out asphalt roads, places suitable to camp, better border posts to cross etc.

Chris the owner has a real relaxed TRUST system where fellow campers can take beers, snacks etc. from the site when ever they feel like it and leaves the onus on them to make the appropriate “tab” book marks.

Chris has loads of info as well, and can help with Carnets and the important African insurance that is easily purchased through him, Komisa insurance.

We met great people like Richard from the south of England that came 3rd in 1984 behind the South African Bertie Reid in the “Around The World Yacht Race”, who we advised to do our Turkana route.
We met Chris who was waiting to hear from the Kenyan flight authority whether he could begin flying for Air Kenya and a French couple Marike and Paul who have been traveling all over the world in a Nissan Overland Truck for the last 5 year with their two children while educating them in transit. They took turns to cycle various routes and were amazingly fit. Every now and then they would have to locum at French colonies to generate more income for the trip to continue. They said that when any of their kids requested a normal school and friends, they would stop traveling; their 9-year daughter has just asked to go to school, so they are returning to Grenoble France.
Glenn and Vanessa from Aus both riding on one motorbike together around different parts of the world, inspirational.

The current site is located off Ambelosi road, but Chris has just signed a new lease and will be moving the new Jungle Junction site to the suburb of Karen.
This is a beautiful suburb where “Out of Africa” actress Meryl Streep and Robert Redford portrayed the Danish born Karan Blixen’s arrival and adventures in Kenya in the 1900’s where she bought a 1000 acre coffee plantation for £150 000 pounds and sold it for around £15 000 in the height of the depression.

Oh yes, when you are in Karen, you must visit the Giraffe centre (which when we got there Lily had just fallen asleep in the car so we missed feeding the giraffe!) and Purdy Arms Pub with its massive gardens and manor house. The meals are to die for!

We also got around Kenya with eMaps2day digital mapstudio.co.za maps: http://life2day.net/component/virtuemart/countries/kenya/gt-kenya-travel-emap-detail.html?Itemid=0

Jungle Junction Campsite, Nairobi

Jungle Junction Campsite, Nairobi

Jungle Junction's mechanical work shop, clean as a whistle

Jungle Junction’s mechanical work shop, clean as a whistle

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