Tip Top campsites in Tanzania

River Valley camping

River Valley camping

River valley tented camp

River valley tented camp

Campsite Tan Swiss outside Mikumi National Park

Campsite Tan Swiss outside Mikumi National Park

Dik Dik campsite view of the Serengeti Park. Hot air balloons often seen.

Dik Dik campsite view of the Serengeti Park. Hot air balloons often seen.

These are our top campsites in Tanzania: After camping at these spots we are prepared to share the information to allow you to make informative decisions about your sleeping arrangements ahead of time. We used Mapstudio’s digital maps = http://life2day.net/maps/gt-emaps/gt-tanzania-travel-emap-detail.html to get to them.

Old Farm House on Kisolanza Farm [South Highlands]:

In the southern highlands, 51kms south east of Iringa, amongst the blue gum trees and 21 kms north east of Mafinga.
The farm is well sign posted and located approx. 500m up the dirt road that goes up the hill. Follow the signs to reception, which is on the left.

GPS way points:
S 08 08 817
E 035 24 733

They offer camping spots for Overlanders and a number of superbly finished luxury cottage houses for those not wanting to camp.

Restaurant and Bar:
They have a stunning rustic bar and restaurant within an original mud building and offers an authentic atmosphere and a menu and produce which comes directly off their farm.

Nicola Ghaui
Box 113, Iringa, Tanzania
Tel: +255 (0) 754 306 144
Email: info@kisolanza.com
Web: http://www.kisolanza.com

River Valley [South Highlands]:

This is a great spot with camping facilities and numerous huts and tented huts on the same holding. It’s run by Amanda and shes on the ball.

13kms north east of Iringa and is well sign posted as River Valley. There’s a dirt track you follow to get to the entrance. The resort is run by Amanda and offers loads of space as well as kids play grounds.

They offer camping for Overlanders and a range of rustic houses with different configurations, tented camps for those not wanting to sleep in their own tents. They currently building new houses overlooking the river which will be breath taking.

They offer fire wood and were kind enough to light ours when we arrived in darkness and were busy putting up our tent. The staff are very welcoming and friendly.

Restaurant and Bar:
They have a lovely restaurant within an original mud building and offers an authentic atmosphere and a menu and produce which comes off the farm.

Amanda Phillips
Box 197, Iringa, Tanzania
Tel: +255 (0) 782 507 017
Email: infoiringa@gmail.com
Web: http://www.rivervalleycampsites.com

Serengeti National Park [Northern Safari Circular]:
Dik Dik camp site

Is one of 5 camp sites, but is probably the quietest without fences and in the middle of the reserve.

Found smack bang amongst savannah and trees. We found the picnic area a great spot to put up the tent s it’s more isolated that the camp itself.

Camping and huts with flushing toilets and showers. There was no hot water when we were there, but refreshing in the African heat.

Tan Swiss Lodge (Outside Mikumi National Park):

This is a great stopping point with super facilities and comfort. It’s also got a great Wifi facility!

Just a few kms south of the Mikumi National Park.

GPS way points:
S 07 23 693
E 037 00 093

It’s made up of a great campsite with loads of space. Bathrooms are clean with loads of hot water. There are also a variety of luxury huts to pick from. It cost around $10/person/night.

Restaurant and Bar:
A lovely bar and restaurant with satellite television.

There a great internet wifi broad band connection that works well in the lounge area, but the signal does not reach the camp site.

Box 55, Mikumi, Morogoro, Tanzania
Tel: +255 (0) 755 191 827
Email: info@tan-swiss.com
Web: http://www.tan-swiss.com

St Domonic’s Hostel, Mwanza

A lovely hostel in Mwanza with good home cooked meals.

GPS way point:
S 02 31 090
E 032 54 067

Rooms are spacious and clean with or with out on suite facilities. Our on suite bathroom and room cost approx. 20 000TS for the night.

You have a choice of fast food vendor near the dinning seat outside or the hotels home cooking kitchen; both are good.

Bush camp Namang, Outside Singida [Central regions]:

GPS waypoints:
S 01 27 238
E 036 57 588

South east of Namang.
Last road south out of the town, turn right and follow the road to the t-junction. Turn left and follow the road outside the town, the bush camp is a open area on the left. See the way point.

The site tucked away from the road where commuters on tractors and bikes make their way to and fro from the village.

Dodoma Inn Hotel

Probably the best hotel in Dodoma with bar, restaurant, swimming pool and wifi.
A good place to regroup if you have been with out internet facilities from the northern safari circular and the central regions.

Just cross the train track (north of the traffic circle, top[ end of hospital road) and turn left after the tracks, the hotel is located a few hundred meters on the right.

It’s a good hotel, a little tired but after

Rooms are nice with good showers at around $90 per night.

All rooms have wifi.

Ruha National Park [Southern Safari Circular]:

This is truly the hidden National Park jewel of Tanzania and defiantly worth seeing prior to the other national parks in the country. Don’t tell a soul.

Approx. 140 kms and about 2,5 hours drive from Iringa. The other piece of good news is that the Parks board is currently building a south west entrance to the park which will allow visitors to enter much further south close to Mbeya.

Bandas Accommodation:
It’s really strange, but the Banda’s are cheaper than camping!

Public camping:
Probably the wildest camp site in the region, nestled on the great Ruha river, it boasts absolutely breath taking views of the rivers and small islands with an assortment of night visitors and sounds comprise of hippos, elephants lions, hyena’s, owls etc.

Bush camp options:

Outside Mbeya (east side) [Southern Highlands]:

GPS waypoints:
S 06 10 389
E 035 45 314

It’s around 20-30 kms east of Mbeya.
There’s a track which comes off the main road on the top of the hill, follow the track dowm and then take a left turn which climbs again, it will take you to numerous flat camping places with scenic views of the area.
The site is very isolated with very few visitors.

And the

Old Farm Campsite

Old Farm Campsite

Old Farm Cabin

Old Farm Cabin

View of the Ruha National Park campsite

View of the Ruha National Park campsite

Dik Dik campsite, Serengeti

Dik Dik campsite, Serengeti

best thing, it’s free of charge.


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