Lake Malawi – Chitimba to Blantyre



The big tree, dented the cruiser

The big tree, dented the cruiser

DSC_00011st-8th June

We woke up at Mdokera’s and watched the fishing boats arrive back early in the morning. We packed the tent and as I washed my hair in the lake. Nic and Lily swam once more and took lots of photos of everyone. We eventually left late morning armed with our condom footballs the local kids had made for us and headed for Nkhata Bay.
Nkhata Bay was stunning and we stopped at the Mayoke Village backpackers for lunch as they had no space for us to stay. One guy who was traveling in a huge landcruiser said all the people he had met on his journey through Africa were all our age, basically meaning we were old! That was a bit of a kick in the teeth however I then said he looked 30 when actually he was only 19! I couldn’t believe a 19 year old could have such an enormous 4×4 with everything strapped to it in his gap year. All I could afford back in those days was a rucksack, public transport and my legs!
The owner of Mayoke Village, Gary, told us to drive to Makozi Beach lodge 50km south of Nkhata Bay which is run by Richard and Lauren a South African couple. We camped and had a wonderful view of the lake and that evening Nic lit a fire, and set fire to the grass, as he braai his family a chicken.
There we met a lovely couple Ali and Isaac, their 9 year old daughter Molly and Isaac’s sister. They were traveling for 3 months before moving back to Australia. What was funny they were also medical, Isaac being an anaesthetist and Ali a nurse. It was quite nice for the guys to have a bit of man chat and us girls also!
During this part of the trip Lily was on form in the water trying to kick her legs and swim. She cannot swim yet but it does look promising.
We stayed and relaxed at Makuzi Beach, swimming and kayaking for three nights. Lily saw a bit too much sun and was very tired for one of the days and although I am careful with her and the sun what with a all in one wetsuit, plus hat plus cream but I think she just had a bit too much. She slept for nearly 2.5 hours in the shade and then woke up miserable with red cheeks.
The next day we packed up and headed to Senga Bay to the Sunbird hotel and the old campsite (closest one to the hotel so able to use the hotel facilities).
Just before pitching tent I managed to reverse the land cruiser into a massive tree and dented the left side of the car and back door and smashed the boot door handle. Nic was not happy. Fortunately we were able to open the back door and get to the fridge and food. It just reminded me of the time when I smashed mum’s Ford Cortina into the gate post when I was 17 years old and left mum without a car for 6 weeks! She wasn’t happy either.
We stayed two nights at Senga Bay and after getting over the shock of the dent in the car we chilled out around the hotel pool and relaxed. I did a swim and Lily paddled in the small pool.
After leaving Lily’s pink crocs in Senga Bay we drove to Blantyre to get our car fixed before crossing to Mozambique. Blantyre was a very green and bustling town. The car was repaired at Kingston Motors and and stayed in the Ryalls Hotel for two nights which was an expensive treat but was nice to get clean and watch a few movies!

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