Blantyre Malawi to Tete Mozambique

8-9th June

We left Blantyre Malawi and drove 100km or so towards the Mozambique border Zobue. On route I said to Nic I am not sure if we would have a problem leaving Malawi as I had noted they had scribbled a 7 day visa above the entry stamp. Usually countries grant you 30 day visa even if you are there for 2 days so I wasn’t sure why they had done this in ours. Nic vaguely remembers saying we would be in Malawi for 7 days but he didn’t think they would take it literally. Anyhow we arrived at the Zobue border and filled in the forms at passport control and when the clerk looked at our passports she called the officer in charge and he said our visas had expired by 2 days and we were to be detained. The officer wafted the ‘warrant for detention’ in our face, then Nic managed to persuade him not to detain us but instead to pay a fine. Nic then managed to reduce the fine from from 500USD to 80USD. We left passport control relieved thinking how bloody stupid we were to let our visas expire and were lucky to just get away with a fine.
We left Malawi feeling relieved that was it but when we got to the Mozambique border passport control, there was again a problem for me the British contingent. I had read that you could get a Mozambique visa at the border hence not having one in my passport. The Portuguese Immigration Officer looked for my visa after me saying there wasn’t one and he then shook his head in a negative tone. Nic and Lily were fine with their South African passports but it looked like I wasn’t. After a nerve racking wait as the miserable non smiling officer plodded off to speak with his boss he came back with a piece of paper and told me to fill it in. Thank goodness as we didn’t think Malawi would have let illegal immigrants back in! Any way after spending nearly two hours at Zobue we left for Tete along the worst pot holed road of the entire trip. We arrive in Tete at dusk and crossed the Zambezi for 10MCT. The next stage was to look for a hotel in the dark as camping wasn’t appealing and especially as this region had Malaria. Fortunate for us a nice South African man driving a Padjero asked if we needed any help and he told us to follow him to where the hotels were and we when we arrived outside the hotels, he then discovered we had driven from London and said just stay at mine as he had plenty space, so we did! His name was Willie and we sat up until 1am chatting about our travel stories. He said we could also stay at his place, Macaneta Holiday Resort and camping just 30km north of Maputo which we did later on in the trip. The next day, we left Tete for Chimoio.

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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