Macenta Maputo, Mozambique to Hazyview South Africa

12-16th June

We really enjoyed the coastal regions Inhambane, Barra and Tofo and would definitely come back to this region again. The coastline was amazing with beaches to die for.
We left Inhambane and spent a night in Xai Xai which was nothing really to go mad about before arriving at Willie’s (whom we had met by chance in Tete) Macaneta Holiday Resort.
Macenta Holiday resort was about 30km from north of Maputo and consisted of a river crossing at Marracuene. It took a while to find this crossing as it was off the beaten track but we eventually did. We took the small ferry boat across the Komati to the peninsula and drove to the resort.
We arrived at a stunning location and camped on the white sand under the cashew nut trees. We only stayed a night and after eating our last Mozambique pineapple we headed along the coast to and Costa del Sol and Maputo. This part of Mozambique was also stunning as we drove along the habour and watched the kite surfers get blown around on the sea.
We wanted to get to the Kruger Park in South Africa before dark and after crossing at the Komatipoort border we then discovered we had arrived at the park gate on a bank holiday weekend and unfortunate for us the park was completely booked for the next few days! After some thought we then decided to drive on for another 2 hours in the dark to the Rissington Inn in Hazyview to catch up with Chris Harvie.
We had briefly met Chris Harvie a travel writer at Senga Bay Malawi. He was the one who inspired us to go to Mozambique rather than the usual route via Lusaka and the Victoria Falls. Although we were thinking of visiting the Mana Pools in Zimbabwe we felt we didn’t have enough time and cash to spend a few days there, so we decided we would leave it for another trip (hopefully with Dirk and Francesca!).
Additionally, Chris said if we traveled through Mozambique we must drop by and stay at his Inn, so we arrived at the Rissington Inn at 8.30pm, our second to last night before our trip came to an end, and luckily for us they had one room available which we gratefully took as we were tired and poor Lily was fast asleep in the car. Unfortunately Chris was still traveling and was only due back the next day so we did not manage to see him.
We left the lovely Rissington Inn and headed towards Pilgrims Rest and then onto Robber’s pass where we stayed for our last night in the lovely Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge resort at 1500m with great views but was flipping freezing with only a fire to huddle around. We shivered the night away and we were secretly glad we had not bush camped….??!!! I think the temperatures dropped to freezing.

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