Our final day – Robber’s Pass to Johannesburg



Driving into Johannesburg

Driving into Johannesburg

Near Robber's pass

Near Robber’s pass

17th June 2013

We woke still freezing cold in the Crystal Spring Mountain lodge on Robber’s pass and headed the 350km to Johannesburg via Dullstroom and then onto the N4.
We felt quite sad coming to the end of our 5 month journey but it was certainly well worth it.
Despite taking an extra month to get to our destination (due to our delays in Israel, Egypt and Sudan) and spending more money, we had experienced so much. Living in a heavily packed car for 5 months in not an easy feat but if you get on with the person/s you are traveling with and you are not an anxious wreck then you’ll make it and be you will fine. Nic and I traveled well together and fortunately we do not argue apart from the odd spat which usually didn’t last.
Looking back on the whole trip, I would say the hardest part was traveling with Nic’s dad and his girlfriend. Fortunately they had their own vehicle as I think we would have all killed each other in the same car. It is always good to travel with others but if you do not travel well in convoy, drive a bit too fast, do not communicate well (even with walkie talkies), drink too much or are parents with a 2 year old, then it can be a real problem or even a hassle for both parties.
I do not mean I find it hard traveling with my 2 year old daughter, on the contrary she was brilliant, she was the best of the bunch. In fact, if I am honest, Nic was the best with his patience and love for Africa and wanting to be out there amongst the wildlife. He was always making us all comfortable with a roaring campfire and tasty food that he would braai or cook for all of us!
I would certainly think twice about doing a similar trip again with another party and if we did then I would do my due diligence. The other party would certainly have to be relaxed and happy to travel with a child.
We arrived in Johannesburg on the 17th June 2013 and were greeted by Liz, (Nic’s sister) and her children Sarah and Izzy, opened a bottle of wine and some squash and celebrated! We would certainly do it all again… : )

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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5 Responses to Our final day – Robber’s Pass to Johannesburg

  1. Chad Dixon says:

    Glad you all arrived in Joburg safely. I’ve really enjoyed following your adventure through Africa. The pictures have been fantastic and I’m sure Lily will treasure them as it will show that she has experienced more before she was three years old then most people experience in a lifetime! 🙂

    • Thanks Chad for your comments, been pretty special, even thinking of another TransAfrica trip in the next year or two but avoiding Egypt and Sudan which is now possible… See you in the next few months! Nic

  2. Steph says:

    Congrats team!!! Well done!! What a trip. Love to all xx Steph, Libby and Will

    • Hi Steph, Libby and Will, thanks guys, we had a wonderful time! An amazing experience and lucky to do it!
      How are you and Oz? Sorry the Lions beat you guys.
      lots of love
      us 3 xxx

      • Thanks Steph, Libby, Will, thanks for following the journey and hope to see you all sooner than later, how are you getting on in Syd? How was the first few months of being back at home? Bye Andela’s

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