Toyo : BFG 255/85R16 comparison and destination review (London to Johannesburg)

For the 4X4 Tyre enthusiasts, we have a direct comparison on the same roads between Toyo and BFG tyres:

We placed 5 brand new Toyo 255/85R16 Mud Terrains onto a 90 series long wheel base Toyota Land Cruiser and 5 brand new BFG 255/85R16 Mud Terrains onto a short wheel base Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series. We took before and after pictures and recorded the tread sizes and the block characteristics before and after the trip.

Distances Traveled by the vehicles:

Toyo’s 255/85R16 MT: 18278kms distance travelled
BFG’s 255/85R16 MT: 25500kms distance travelled

BFG MT Tread Blocks 10mm's of tread after 25500kms

BFG MT Tread Blocks 10mm’s of tread after 25500kms

Toyo 255/85R16 MT's measuring tread after 18300kms

Toyo 255/85R16 MT’s measuring tread after 18300kms

The Tread sizes:

Toyo 255/85R16 MT: 10mm’s/tyre
BFG 255/85R16 MT: 10mm’s/tyre

The Tread blocks:

Toyo 255/85R16 MT:
They have taken a bit of a beating, but if you look at the roads we travelled across esp east of Lake Turkana which was gruesome and filled with sharp rocks, mud, snow, deep sand; in my opinion they have done well esp. if you look at the overall price per tyre.

BFG 255/85R16 MT:
The tread blocks have remained in tact throughout all 5 tyres and have proved incredibly resilient having looked at the terrain that we have travelled.The blocks showed very little signs of chipping, ripping, peeling or break down and kept their form.

Road Noise:
Toyo 255/85R16 MT: very quiet
BFG 255/85R16 MT: quiet

The BFG looks the better boxer and has stood firm throughout this fight. the Toyo’s are slightly blooded and show some minor signs of wear and tear, but nothing to compromise the tyres for further driving at this stage.
The Toyo’s were the first to puncture, but it’s fair to say that this had nothing to do with the manufacturing grade of the tyres as it was caused by a very sharp small nail, which would have most probably punctured the BFG if the roles were reversed.

You will however save a few hundred or thousand depending in your trading currency on the Toyo’s, so at the end of the day it depends on your budget. Another positive is the road noise, Toyo’s are very quiet.

It is of my opinion and experience that you should always leave with new tyres especially if you crossing continents and travelling more than 20000kms.

However, the evidence here is that the BFG won by a very small points margin and owns the various terrains travelled! But, if you have some budget constraints, you cannot go wrong with the Toyo’s. I am very impressed personally with them.

At the end of the day, your decision will be governed by the size of your wallet.

Nic A

Toyo have a little tread block wear and tear

Toyo have a little tread block wear and tear

BFG tyres after 25500kms

BFG tyres after 25500kms

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5 Responses to Toyo : BFG 255/85R16 comparison and destination review (London to Johannesburg)

  1. says:

    Hj Nick Thanks your tyre report is very interesting , Willie

  2. Mike says:

    Which tire performed better in mud?

    • Hi Mike, tough one, both vehicles rode the same terrain; Arab Minch was very mudded esp in a nearby game reserve where we surprisingly Did not manage to bottomed out and hence did not need winching. I would say though, personally if you can afford the BFG,go for it!! If you feel that it’s just too much Toyo is for you! At the end of the day it’s about your pocket, that’s my take. Hope that helps Mike. Thanks Nic

    • Hi Mike, did you get my reply? Thanks nic

    • Did you get my take on this Mike?

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