Mosquito topical repellents for Travellers, newest agents data available (WHO approved)

Mosquito repellents for the adventure travellers:

The newest guidance and data regarding topical mosquito repellent protection for you and your families while traveling abroad in suspect mosquito areas for you today.

Dressing appropriately at the appropriate times and the appropriate topical anti-mosquito agents are far the most important skills to learn to minimise contracting Malaria!

The key factors are choosing the active chemical ingredient and importantly the appropriate concentration % because it influences the duration and the efficiency of the topical repellent that you apply.
There are four well recognized active chemical ingredients that are effective against most mosquito borne diseases within a topical preparate.
2. PMD
3. Icaridin
4. Insect Repellent 3535

See for all the agents and their specific effective %’s available for use. with continual relevant travel data available free of charge, just your time to read!

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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