Travelling with back pain, probably not Paracetemol:

Travelling over long distances when sitting while flying, driving, sailing, walking (with back pack), climbing (with back pack) etc. may at some stage elicit musculoskeletal pain originating in your back area i.e. the area in contact with seat that creates the back posture. This could be a new symptom or and exacerbation of a previous injury that may have occurred before. So it will be helpful to know what the cause is i.e. osteoarthritis, muscle spasm, strains, prolonged uncomfortable positions sleeping, caring excessive weight or travelling, mechanical injuries etc. Back pain at the best of times can be quite disabling, especially when you have a travel objective and the pressure of sitting on a plane or in a car for a long period of time.

So what are our options on these long travel routes, medicinal with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, postural, movement etc. see the full article on

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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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