Our Overland Breadcrumb Trail – Djibouti

Overland Vehicle and Tourist support regarding Europe to Africa via the Djibouti port to Marseille port in France:

Through the wonderful Overland travel network we have found another priceless contact that offers travelers another option of crossing to and fro from Europe to Africa.

It involves a Ro Ro service between France and Djibouti.

It’s priceless in the sense that travelers may be spared the exorbitant Carnet charges for Egypt and the travel time through the Lake Nasser passage between Egypt and Sudan.

For motor bikers, this may prove to be a solution to continue to travel through Africa without a Carnet, but we cannot guarantee this.

eMaps downloads to get around Djibouti from Shop2day supporting Wildlife Conservation:

  1. http://shop.life2day.co.za/product/djibouti-a2-2/

The Ro Ro service can be found below:

Massida Logistic’s:

Odeffe Houssein

B.P. 66 1 Djibouti

Telephone: +253 21 35 1531

Fax: +253 21 35 55 18






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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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