Our Overland Breadcrumb Trail – Turkey

Overland Vehicle and Tourist support regarding entering & leaving Iskenderun, Turkey:


  • We recommend these Turkish Agents:
    • Remon Travel
  • They deliver a good service around arranging a Ferry Passage across the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Their ferry services allow passages from Turkey to Israel, Turkey to Egypt and Turkey to Libya making it possible to complete an East Africa route.
  • Dilara Selin Inan
    • Remon Travel
    • Tel: (0326) 614 10 12
    • Fax: (0326) 614 10 15
    • Gsm: (0533) 773 93 06
    • Email: dilarainan@remontravel.com
    • Website: remontravel.com

Things to Know, Have, Need to do:

Remon Ferry Travel costs: (Iskenderun to Haifa)

  • Two vehicles = 3600 Turkish
  • $920 per vehicle
  • We recommend you also pay the agents fees as they arrange all the Ports logistics and paperwork and we found it was well worth it.
Black sea north Turkey

Black sea north Turkey

Cappadocia, now snowing

Cappadocia, now snowing




Balloons takaev cappadocia

Balloons takaev Cappadocia

Hot air balloons

Hot air balloons

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