Understanding the Zika Virus Epidemic for Travellers

Understanding the Zika Virus:

Here’s an incredible simple Mind Map I’ve constructed for you the traveller to help you understand more about the mysterious ZIKA Virus which originated from our own African Uganda in 1947, from another monkey which they found in the Zika forest. Download it for free and study it. The epidemic is spreading and so far we not sure why exactly, esp. with their being no virus mutations seen at this stage. Hopefully it stays like this. The Aedes genus mosquito is the exclusive transmitter. They operate at higher temperatures and cannot breed at low temperatures.

The mind map features subject matter titles like who’s at risk, transmissions, symptoms, diagnostic and the corner stone that is “Prevention NB”. I cannot highlight this point enough. If you pregnant or thinking about it, stay away!

If you partners are visiting epidemic areas, please take adequate precautions on their return using e.g. condoms. Be vigilant and on the look out for symptoms and signs of infections.

Preparation is key when visiting mosquito infested areas, take it from someone who’s driven all over the African Continent; be super vigilant as these little critters pack a huge punch so never under estimate any type of mosquito infection or areas they reside in. No preparation is going to end badly. Be alert, all the time when you within epidemic or endemic areas!

Enjoy the Mind Map.

Dr Nic

The Zika Epidemic

The Zika Epidemic


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