Traveling hip and rehabilitation

Our trip family in africa was not just about quality family time and adventure from North Europe to  South Africa, but it was also about time to rehabilitate following surgery.

The trip allowed time to heal, time to do exercise and develop confidence outside the stress and confinements of daily living while we travelled overland; and it’s all told by Nicky who happens to be a qualified physiotherapist practitioner who is very experienced in physio especially involving the hips. In fact, there are not may people within the medical sector more qualified than Nicky to make suggestions and comment on experience than her, so please make use of this invaluable information source on the Nicky Turner blog.

You the reader will be able to find out more about lower limb mobility, arthritic hip signs and symptoms and obtain orthopaedic advice regarding surgery and what would be the best core exercises to do post operative in order to promote good rehabilitating and better ways to improve joint range. If you have any family or friends who is experiencing problems by all means have them take a peek at this International information source that is helping people deal with their immobility on a daily basis. See Nicky’s extensive Blog site at

post Hip

post Hip

So take all the time off you need in order to recuperate and rehabilitate so that you can regain the same style of living that you had before your medical intervention.


dr nic

About familyinafrica

Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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