Best Journey’s with family

The best trips in the past I find have been with those people who mean the most to me and those magic moments that were caught when the camera lens shutter slams closed creating photo’s that become cemented in our brains forever!

It’s these moments which naturally get us planning for the next overland adventure; the next one is in 2017!

Three moments that stand out is when I camped with my beautiful lady Nicky outside the Samburu Game Reserve in 2008, when I was driving up with my dad who became the first old man to drive a VESPA 250 from Cape Town to Noord Kapp in Norway. We all sat listening to the sounds of the bush at night in front of a crackling fire, a memory that stays with me and will never leave!

The next was when my dad and I reached Giza and stopped for some pictures, one was with Lodie who passed away recently but the time we three spent together will stay with me as well.

And the last when our small family, Lily and Nicky drove into Rock Hill, the entrance to the Serengeti Reserve and saw the endless expanse with all the cloud shadows that presented like a patterned blanket as far as the eye could see.

To me these are the tiny valuable moments that make LIFE meaningful!



About familyinafrica

Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.
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