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Passionate about travelling, nature, raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and teaching my fellow man about travelling community health.

Longevity using 21st century health biomarker screening, the LP-PLA2 blood test may becoming available near you!

I know this is a random healthcare post and you may be thinking, how are these biomarkers related to Family in Africa? Hell, some readers may be thinking, “what is a biomarker”. They are related in two ways. One, I’m … Continue reading

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Best Journey’s with family

The best trips in the past I find have been with those people who mean the most to me and those magic moments that were caught when the camera lens shutter slams closed creating photo’s that become cemented in our … Continue reading

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The Blue Land Cruiser is now registered in South Africa and ready for his new adventure in 2017!

So 2017 seems to be presenting our family team with a unique opportunity to head to Tanzania and then drive south toward South Africa. It’s taken a year or so to register the Blue Prado, but alas he is ready … Continue reading

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The land cruiser is called “Sparkles”

So Lily was given the task of naming the new automobile addition, the old Diesel Turbo Toyota beast and she unanimously decided that old silver should be called, “Sparkles“. So Sparkles it is and the journey begins with, planning the … Continue reading

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Facial cancer originating from the SUN

The most common facial cancers is Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) followed by the skin Squamous Cell Carcinoma (sSCC). Referrals for these cancers are increasing every year and hence needs a closer look at. I have to remind you now that prevention … Continue reading

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Travellers Diarrhoea while over landing

The most common cause of travellers diarrhoea is the notorious bacterium called Escherichia coli, abbreviated as E Coli! A small portion of infections are viral, caused by nor, rota or other similar viruses. We’ve all had it and is very … Continue reading

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Traveling hip and rehabilitation

Our trip family in africa was not just about quality family time and adventure from North Europe to  South Africa, but it was also about time to rehabilitate following surgery. The trip allowed time to heal, time to do exercise and develop confidence … Continue reading

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