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Longevity using 21st century health biomarker screening, the LP-PLA2 blood test may becoming available near you!

I know this is a random healthcare post and you may be thinking, how are these biomarkers related to Family in Africa? Hell, some readers may be thinking, “what is a biomarker”. They are related in two ways. One, I’m … Continue reading

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The Blue Land Cruiser is now registered in South Africa and ready for his new adventure in 2017!

So 2017 seems to be presenting our family team with a unique opportunity to head to Tanzania and then drive south toward South Africa. It’s taken a year or so to register the Blue Prado, but alas he is ready … Continue reading

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Travelling with back pain, probably not Paracetemol:

Travelling over long distances when sitting while flying, driving, sailing, walking (with back pack), climbing (with back pack) etc. may at some stage elicit musculoskeletal pain originating in your back area i.e. the area in contact with seat that creates the back … Continue reading

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