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Our Toyo Mud Terrain tyres trump BFG, 2019 report

We have had our Toyo med terrain tyres since 2012 and they continue to surprise us. Continue reading

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Mosquito topical repellents for Travellers, newest agents data available (WHO approved)

Mosquito repellents for the adventure travellers: The newest guidance and data regarding topical mosquito repellent protection for you and your families while traveling abroad in suspect mosquito areas for you today. Dressing appropriately at the appropriate times and the appropriate … Continue reading

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Mosquito topical repellents SAFE for your babies and kids

Use topical repellents that have the four proven active compounds within their chemical structures, but most importantly at the appropriate chemical concentrations. They include the likes of DEET at a 20-50%) concentration and PMD at a 30% concentration. DEET is … Continue reading

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Mosquito repellents for Pregnant Ladies

For pregnant ladies wishing to travel, possibly into mosquito epidemic areas, there are some topical alternatives i.e. – DEET etc. From the newest data, hope this finds you. See more on ( Dr Nic

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Digital eMaps covering Africa and the Islands around the continent

For Overland drivers, tourists, travellers looking for the best African digital eMaps for their smart phones, laptops and tablets. These are built from Map Studio South Africa’s hard maps to give users a complete paperless environment. They cover the whole … Continue reading

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The largest Africa digital eMap Shop, has a new look

Worlds largest digital African eMap download centre is now available for eMap sales and theirs a load of FREE STUFF for new and existing shoppers. In partnership with the Mapstudio South Africa and the EWT. The best digital African eMaps … Continue reading

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Condom Football, banks of Lake Malawi

Kids playing Condom Football, on the beaches of lake Malawi. They cannot afford the appropriate sporting gear and we need to get a premier football club to sponsor to donate used balls to these lovely kids!

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